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A matrix of cubes using one element

Create a matrix of cubes using only one <div>. Yes it's possible!

A matrix of cube

.cube {
--m: 4; /* number of columns */
--n: 5; /* number of rows */
--size: 40px; /* size of the cubes */
--gap :10px; /* gap between cubes */

aspect-ratio: var(--m)/var(--n);
width: calc(var(--m)*(1.353*var(--size) + var(--gap)));
conic-gradient(from -90deg at var(--size) calc(0.353*var(--size)),
#249FAB 135deg,#81C5A3 0 270deg,#26609D 0) /* update the colors here */
0 0/calc(100%/var(--m)) calc(100%/var(--n));
linear-gradient(to bottom right,
#0000 calc(0.25*var(--size)),#000 0 calc(100% - calc(0.25*var(--size)) - 1.414*var(--gap)),#0000 0),
conic-gradient(from -90deg at right var(--gap) bottom var(--gap),#000 90deg,#0000 0);
mask-size: calc(100%/var(--m)) calc(100%/var(--n));
mask-composite: intersect;

See the Pen matrix of cube with one element by Temani Afif (@t_afif) on CodePen.