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Put a number inside boxes

Make your numbers look fancy by placing each digit inside its own box.

A number where each digit is inside a box

.number {
--c: #C02942; /* control the colors */
--w: 0.5ch; /* control the width for each number */
--g: 10px; /* control the gap between numbers */

letter-spacing: var(--w);
font-family: monospace;
color: #fff;
background: var(--c);
#000 0 calc(1ch + var(--w) - var(--g)),
#0000 0 calc(1ch + var(--w)))
0/calc(100% - var(--w)/2) 100% no-repeat;
padding-left: calc((var(--w) - var(--g))/2);
margin-right: calc(var(--w)/-2);
.number.border {
--b: 4px; /* control the border */

color: #000;
--_g: var(--b), #0000 90deg,var(--c) 0;
conic-gradient(from 90deg at var(--b) var(--_g)),
conic-gradient(from -90deg at right calc(var(--b) + var(--g)) bottom var(--_g));
background-size: calc(1ch + var(--w)) 100%;

See the Pen Numbers in boxes (CSS only) by Temani Afif (@t_afif) on CodePen.